Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Update from Logan and Kari

It's been quite awhile since we've done an update on here, so I figured it was time! Most of you know we are having baby number two due at the end of January. I'm 30 weeks along and can't wait for this little one to show up. We have found out that we are having a boy so we are so excited for Andi to meet her little brother! 

 It's been a busy year for us, as always. Logan is busy at work which is a huge answer to prayer considering he is commission only so we are extremely grateful things haven't slowed down yet in spite of the economy. He plays in two different local bands here and is enjoying that immensely. So far he has been able to meet and play with Doc Walker, Dean Brody, Dallas Smith, Aaron Pritchett, Big & Rich and a few more that we can't seem to remember. Next year seems to be lining up to be another big year for him with one particular celebrity that he is completely psyched to possibly meet, but I'm not allowed to spill the beans on that one yet ;)
He's taken up bag pipe lessons again once a week as well and thankfully he waits to practice those when I'm not around. My ears don't need the extra noise! but he seems to be enjoying that as well.
I've just been busy with Andi. She is a super energetic little goofball that always keeps me on my toes but I couldn't be happier with how I get to spend my days. I'm so blessed to be able to stay home with her!
Andi has been growing like crazy. Right now she is about 27 pounds and around 34 inches tall and wears a size 6/7 shoe. Everyone we meet always mentions how tall she is, even her pediatrician! She's quite the people person and LOVES people. Every time we go grocery shopping she will wave to everyone we pass and say Hi. Her favorite words right now are Puppy, Hot, and Don't touch :). Every animal is puppy and every cup is hot. She knows the word cold too, but every time she says hot, she'll follow it up with "brrrrr!" We're learning that Hot is Ouch and Cold is Brrrr.
She LOVES animals, especially puppies and is always saying the noises that they make. We'll go outside often and she'll hear a crow and instantly start saying "Taw Taw!"
Right now she knows around 20-30 words and is learning more everyday! I love the ways she pronounces things and she often sounds french! Lunch is "Lunsh", Supper "Dupow", Don't touch is "dawn Tush!", counter is "towntow" (she loves to help me "bake" and sits on the counter when we do) hungry "nunny!", any word that ends with a K she pronounces like a P, so Milk is Milp, Boot is Boop etc. So many more words but I won't bore you all with the big list here :)

she takes after Logan with a love for Rock'n'roll! Every time one of his rock songs comes on she instantly starts to dance like crazy! She gets bored of my music quite quickly so we might have a little rocker here. She likes to play on the drums when Logan is playing his guitars.
She loves her cousins and friends! She loves to share for the most part, especially with her best friend Bentley. Whenever Bentley is over and they are having a snack, Andi will get a cracker and instantly say "Bubbie!" because she wants to give a cracker to Bentley. I'll give her another cracker and she'll instantly go to him and give him a cracker so they can both have one. She has such a tender little heart and a sweet disposition, but she is no pushover that's for sure :) This girl can hold her own and she's going to need that for when she's surrounded by boys!

Her current favorites are: Paw Patrol, Puppies (she has 3 stuffed puppies she likes to have every time she goes to sleep), Bentley, Smarties, and watching movies. Logan went and bought her a stuffed puppy that looks just like Piper so she will be excited to see him when we go to Regina to visit in December!

we can't get enough of her and enjoy watching her learn and grow! she is such a delight and we are excited to see how she will be as a big sister in this next stage of life!

we are going to Regina in December for a bit of a "christmas" holiday. Unfortunately we won't be going over Christmas but we are SO looking forward to the time with family regardless. 3 weeks! The countdown is on. Hope you are all doing well and we hope to see you all soon!

Friday, October 16, 2015


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We have a hairdresser in the family!

Guess who?
"I had to look twice at this and remind myself that it can't be me because I don't know how to cut hair." Logan

Monday, February 23, 2015

The new house with the annoying neighbours...

...Davis and Danielle ... you know who you are! This has been the joke around their family. Janessa bought a house next door to Davis' in the fall. Jillaine pointed out that pictures have never been posted. So here you go....for your viewing pleasure!

The Sun Porch
taken from the living room
the dining room
the front entrance - living room to the right
the kitchen had some pretty nasty colours and so Danielle got straight to work!
Down stairs to the basement (this is the only thing in the house that needs fixing)
and then outside the garage needs some work.
basement family room with a bed in it!
up the stairs
master bedroom
the baby room got a coat of paint right away too
the third bedroom
And back down the stairs to the front entrance

The Lion

hmmm or is it a tiger?

Sunday, December 14, 2014




Friday, December 5, 2014

A Heritage

Here is a picture taken this fall of Sherrie Baker and Maryn. They are the eldest and youngest of Harold and Mary Kennedy's 26 grandchildren. There are 46 great-grandchildren now! And no doubt many more to come! ;)